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In this space i’ll be sharing forensic thoughts on faith, life, art, literature and culture. You’ll see behind the scenes on my work. There’ll be poetry readings, bible study, focused podcasts to encourage, as well as current recommendations for reading, viewing and listening pleasure. We’ll likely pull some bad ideas apart too so we can keep living freely in grace.

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Creating and curating a place of beauty and grace. We will talk about the things which affect our lives at the granular level. See The Beagle For Beauty for a taster.

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The Beagle For Beauty's home community. This is where Art & Faith intersect: Still Life work, Faith convos, Spiritual Abuse Recovery, Poetry Readings, Mid-Life, Rants, Musings, Art, Music, Film & TV, Self-Care, Self-Awareness, Life!


Jacqui Wakelam @ TheBeagle

The Beagle For Beauty community space. Creator or The Beagle For Beauty monthly publication. A Photographer With a Pen. Creating Dutch Masters inspired Still Life. Discussing, and often pulling apart all things Faith, Life and Culture.